Linda Snouffer

Linda Snouffer


    Individual Artist
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    Mixed Media, Pastel, Printmaking
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 139


Linda Snouffer, Botanical Print-Maker

Botanical printmaking speaks to me and it is the heart of my landscape compositions:   apply ink to a leaf, lay the inky leaf on a prepared surface, press it onto the surface; remove the leaf to reveal the ink image left behind.

Though leaf printing is an uncomplicated process, the simplicity is made more complex by the assimilating other genres into my work.  Using techniques from fiber arts, water color, acrylic paint, and chalk pastel, I am able to create intricate, multifaceted landscapes on tissue paper, organza, and other textiles.

 Grasses are used regularly in my work.  There are dozens of native and cultivar species, sizes ranging from a few inches to many feet tall. Striking structural variations in stalks, blades and seed tassels print with remarkable artistic versatility. They can be used to represent cattails, trees on a shoreline, or a wind-blown meadow.

 The rich history and ecological importance of prairies beckon to be told in my art, opening the door to “prairie science meets prairie art.”   Exhibition artist talks are about prairie science as much as my process.

 The short Minnesota growing season means time is limited to print with green plants.  Winter studio time requires ingenuity and led to developing new printmaking techniques.  Fiber arts adaptations, chalk pastel enhancements, and acrylic overpainting prints or to give texture and definition to winter prints.



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