Clay Squared to Infinity

Layl McDill


    Individual Artist
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    Flux Arts Building
    2505 Howard St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55418
    Studio A


Remember that feeling when you went to a museum and saw all the mysterious old tools from ancient worlds laid out in row after row?   Or maybe you got a peek inside some broken electronic and saw all those circuits.  Then there are all the times when something mysterious about nature is explained and still you just can’t hardly believe it.  The word that comes closest to describing that fantastic feeling that drives you to pursue more knowledge and fills you with joy is “wonder”.  


I use wonderment as a mechanism to show the things we live with everyday in a new perspective, like the green hills you drive by everyday or the laundry hanging on the line. When you are surrounded by my polymer clay sculptures it is as if you are seeing the world through a patterned lense where the mundane is much more precious and mysterious.  


My technique and materials are also very mysterious.  I use primarily polymer clay with the ancient technique of millefiore.  Tiny images that cover every surface of my sculptures inevitably make the viewer wonder “How did she do that?”  And even though I have been doing it for more than twenty years it still seems amazing that I can create a tiny picture inside a chunk of clay.


I have spent my artistic career rendering versions of the world we live in into windows of wonderment.  With my most recent work I hope to tingle the viewer’s imagination towards opening their mind to seeing something in a new perspective.  In one of my recent pieces “The Root of the Problem” a tree grows above a bulb of roots filled with antique mirrors.  “Air Celebration” is a joyful piece that makes you think about our most precious invisible necessity.  Both of these pieces speak of awareness or even possibly give a subtle nudge towards activism to change our impact on the earth.  


 Viewers are drawn to the magic and wonder of my work.  They will be not only fascinated by the technique but presented with some thoughts about ways to look at the world we live in and given their daily dose of wonderment.

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