Judy Fawcett


    Individual Artist
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 147


I was drawn into the arts first as a dancer. I studied dance in the Twin Cities and later in New York City. In college my love of dance enlarged to a love of the visual arts. I graduated with a BA in Art History and later an MS in Elementary Education. During the years of raising a family and teaching children with learning problems, art took a back burner, but resurfaced again once I had more time to focus with semi-retirement.

I’m drawn to finding abstract beauty in what I see and share my feelings through paint. Usually there is some reference to a subject. Using color, shape, line and texture I set out to create a drama to be completed through the viewer’s imagination.

In recent years Imagery comes to me through the things I value most and wish to honor. Previously I’ve used the butterfly as a metaphor for all living things affected by climate change and human disruption. Lately I’m focusing on trees and forests. Many ancient species live, communicate and thrive by hidden means from which we humans could learn much.

Painting is not all a rational process. As the painting evolves it calls for what it needs. There’s a magical dance between mind, paintbrush and surface. It evolves. I want to leave some mystery for the viewer. In the process painting feels like an exploration or meditation, very personal. When finished though I hope it will have a larger life. I feel most successful when someone else feels connected to my work. 


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