Ilya Kravchik


    Individual Artist
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    Drawing, Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
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My art is centered around the human body. I want to convey its openness and vulnerability, a condition where all superficiality has been removed. For me painting the figure is a wordless dialogue, a visual conversation between myself and the model. I’m capturing the body in that particular moment, with all the physical history recorded upon it. The imperfections, the defects, the aberrations, the delicate grace and fluidity, the raw, animalistic presence that convey the most human and the most sincere experience.

I’m drawn to the ways paint and graphite can portray the essence of human flesh, how convincing a slab of acrylic is at portraying mass, how a pencil line translates the fragility of a clavicle. It is this this juxtaposition of precision and spontaneity that reflects the emotions and the experience of painting a living organism, something that is constantly fleeting and malleable and something that I keep getting drawn to again and again.

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