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Headwaters Relief Organization is a non-profit collaboration of volunteers that supports the needs of families and communities. Our goal is to support communities of limited resources, areas who have experienced disaster or trauma

Headwaters Relief Organization grew out of a grassroots response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then we have evolved and diversified. Our early efforts included assisting with clean-up and re-building of homes locally and nationally. Today our services have expanded to include public health, education, psycho-social and medical support.

We seek to inspire passion to serve others. We forge connections between those who are being served, the Headwaters team and the community at large. We work to ensure that every volunteer, regardless of age, background, skills, or experience, feels valued and motivated to continue to serve others. Volunteer training and preparation are important components of our mission.

We focus our efforts on under-served communities, disadvantaged households and people who are vulnerable. These groups are impacted disproportionately by both man made and natural disasters. we have developed repeatable methods and programs to provide public health, psycho-social, education and medical support as well as disaster debris clean-up and re-building in partnership with other organizations.


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