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Candy Kuehn


    Individual Artist
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    Digital, Fiber, Installation, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile, Theater
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    California Building
    2205 California St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55418
    Suite 200B & C


I am a hyper inventive geek, exploring and abusing artistic mediums, with the deepest knowledge in fibers, dyes, iPhone apps with photography. I fuse color and texture into meaning. I rambunctiously play in imagery and motion using anything I can find. I use fiber content with its drape; dyes and paints with their specific colors; and apps in the iPhone for their meaning. I am curious and cross-sensed. I see music’s patterns and shapes; I touch between spaces and time; I smell emotion. Order is a glommed ball where I need story, or tree roots that unravel it. Only then, I see its pattern in motion. I  show what it is I see, hear and sense with fiber content’s motion, with luminescent color, and this especially in the Iphone’s photo apps. I want everybody to smell what I see, and taste what I know.

Physics, now, has the words and theories that I’ve sensed my entire life – multi-layered universes, dark matter, and gravitational waves that traverse as branches, leaves, as neurons in the brain, or how dust shapes nebulas above the clothes dryer. These concepts, and their shapes translate what I see into working reality.

My favorite art works are the cave paintings, shaman works across many cultures, and over 6000 years old pieces in China, Old Europe, Africa, the Americas. Marc Chagall and Fachang Muqi (Chinese 13th century) are my favorite painters. Erte, Zandra Rhodes, Issey Miyake and Alexander McQueen are my wearable artists influences. The images from Hubble, Chandra X-ray, and Spitzer space telescopes thrill me beyond wonder. Leonardo DaVInci is one of my many favorite scientists.

I feel my work is closer to Outsider Art in its unspoken spiritual content. Our current culture’s values are destructive to the natural world, it’s balance. Nature is a cooperative in the “circle of life”. Death and growth are a whole, a flow, a movement in harmony. Grace and Beauty can be chosen at each breath. I want my work as healing grace, a natural force, a mirror of what can be.


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