Brendan Kramp

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    Individual Artist
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    Drawing, Painting
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    Casket Arts Building
    681 17th Ave NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 100


I am a visual artist working primarily on realist and figurative oil paintings. I use my own sketches and photos to create medium and large scale paintings with a strong focus on urban scenes and interiors with strong and dramatic light effects. I also occasionally focus on natural subjects and landscapes that also have unusual or dramatically beautiful aspects of color and light.

I am drawn to a sense of story, mood, and feeling in all of the subjects and locations that I choose. Recently, I’ve been focusing on spaces that often to not receive a lot of attention in the arts, such as industrial working spaces and behind the scenes workshops. I have worked on a continual series of coffee shop and cafe interiors since 2013, with paintings of cafes that are located in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Prague and Berlin so far. I hope to eventually travel and do live painting at some large and historic international cafes in the future.

I am based in the Casket Arts Building in the Northeast Minneapolis arts district. I regularly open my studio for public tours and shows, and I also show throughout the United States at various art fairs and markets.

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