Beth Dorsey


    Individual Artist
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 226

Beth Dorsey is printmaker that makes monoprints. Her work/imagery evolves through the process of printing, a synergy resulting from the layering of images, marks, and colors. The process of printing introduces unintended variations and elements that are intentionally mined to develop the image and create a series.

The work explores the tension between structure/intentionality and randomness/ spontaneity. She is attracted to everyday objects with repeatable elements/patterns such as venetian blinds, grates, building facades, windows, grids, and corrugated material.  These repurposed objects and patterns form the foundation of the images. Layers are added which obscure and enhance the structure.

Structure, routine, and patterns form the underpinnings of modern life, they are always present but rarely noticed. The images start with these ‘unseen’ but ubiquitous patterns. Making visible the unseen highlights their importance and utility just as the patterns and routines of our daily life provide freedom and productivity. The patterned foundation allows the spontaneity and individuality of the subsequent layers. Each new layer obscures and enhances the one underneath.

The interplay of these contradictions stimulates the mind and eye. Meaning occurs when they intersect and fuels the creative process.


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