Amanda Pearson


    Individual Artist
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    Fiber, Mixed Media
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 155


When I get the question of “what kind of art do you do?” my response is “I glue things to boards”. It catches people off-guard and there are always follow up questions, but to me it is the best way to describe how I create.

There is a phrase that has stuck with me for years – “investment of the hand”. People who look at my pieces are drawn to the meticulous nature and it is common for them to react by reaching out and trying to touch the surface. The materials I use are not commonly seen in galleries, but are typically found shoved towards the back of a junk drawer or a forgotten craft bin. There is value in the mundane that my work elevates. For me, creating each piece is meditative. My work requires time, and it takes a lot of it. One of my favorite aspects of these pieces that I have made over the last few years is that they are like a journal; I can see my moods, experiences, and situations expressed over time as I moved through the creation of the image. My art creates a permanent record – I must continually move forward with confidence, because there is little room for adjusting what was done before.

My pieces capture a moment of time in spaces that I consider sacred. Using nature to represent these important moments is the best way that I have found to honor my experiences in a way that also resonates with the viewer.

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