Heather M. Cole

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    Individual Artist
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    Furniture, Installation, Mixed Media, Public Art, Sculpture
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Suite 173


I am interested in the transformation of things – both the concept of changing or having a new purpose and the physical change from one thing to another.  My work revolves around the transformation of common, everyday objects and materials into completely different configuration and function and then, again transformation of the appearance and mood of the environment and potentially the thought process of the viewer.

As I work with these materials, I consider the life cycle of the original object and the pathway toward becoming something new.  Collecting the discarded object, to processing it into material (cleaning, cutting, manipulating) and assembling the final object.  I also visualize the larger story of the object being a waste material moving through the world with multiple paths, some potentially very destructive to our own existence.

My hope in creating and exhibiting this work is to influence the viewer to consider personal actions that might cause change – to reduce negative impacts of their individual acts and to positively affect the larger environment as a whole.

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