Alison Price

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    Individual Artist
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    Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Suite 173


Alison Price has been an artist as long as she can remember.  Early artistic endeavors involved melting crayons on warm lightbulbs, dripping food coloring on the family’s supply of tissue, and plucking interesting patterns in her Mom’s prized chenille bedspread. The family survived these creative forays, and actually encouraged more!

Her most recent series is Witnessing Waves inspired by the  Mississippi River Gorge and her wealth of heritage trees. She says “This series pays respect to these gentle witnesses of migration and settlement along our mighty river, these magnificent, steadfast trees. The trees acknowledge the contribution of all of our respective backgrounds and ancestries. Our families have all traveled to this place, the Twin Cities. It is our collective heritage that makes this place a culturally rich and diverse place to call home. The trees welcome all, without discrimination.” Price’s art was recently featured on the TPT – PBS series, MNOriginal.

The popular ‘Fireflies’ series is part of Price’s move to a zero waste studio. The tiny paintings are only 6” x 6” but make a big statement! Created from disappointing paintings, studio scraps and trash otherwise destined for a land fill.

Alison Price holds a BA degree in Studio Art from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, and MA degree from the University of Wisconsin. As a practicing artist, Price’s art has been collected nationally and internationally, including a series purchased by the FBI for their new regional headquarters and local businesses BKV Group, Sons of Norway and Capital One.

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