Apr 2, 2018 – The Call

N Studio and defining the integral

In 2017, NEMAA embarked on a rebranding campaign with our communications and marketing partners at Pollen. Through conversations with them and through their own discovery process, we were able to recognize that the one thing that NEMAA could do better to support both our membership and the vitality of the Arts District and its creative economy is to become better storytellers. In many ways, how NEMAA presents itself is a way of telling a story. We have created icons and logos to help us tell the story of a unified cohesive organizations with multiple programs working to support our members and the District. Through our partnership with Von91, we have revamped our website to have a cleaner smarter look, telling the story of what is happening across the District and the greater Twin Cities area. Through, that new website we also allow you, the members to tell a more complete story of your work. We also found it necessary to consider what ways NEMAA could literally be better storytellers. We developed a partnership with AM950 in which we are able to have multiple one our segments about what is happening at NEMAA, with our members and the Arts District. NEMAA also partnered with MTN to live stream a number of our events. We added artist profiles to our member newsletter and created a public newsletter. Our biggest change is coming in April, as we transform our directory and guide into a magazine by expanding the dimensions which allows for beautiful images and adding feature articles on our artists members, business members, and community members. What stays for our spring edition is a location listing and larger Art-A-Whirl map. What is added is content related to the current happenings of the Arts District and greater arts community.

N Studio, NEMAA’s new arts magazine seeks to tell the story of the art of everything around us. Through this new magazine, we hope to demonstrate just how big of a role art and creativity play in our lives. And, therefore to cultivate more value for the arts and artists in our communities. Art is not an add on. Art can and should be a integral part of all of our lives.  Last month, I focussed on a little on the idea of “the studio”. But what of the “N”? While the “N” in the name of the magazine may be suggestive of NEMAA, it is also the mathematical symbol “n”, that infinite number: limitless, infinite, endless. “N” is a variable taking on integral values; it is necessary to make a whole complete. “N” is essential. “N” is fundamental. And in the case of N Studio, N is art. Art that is limitless, infinite, endless, immeasurable. Art that is integral to a complete community–integral to a complete life.

We hope you will enjoy finding the art of everything in NEMAA’s new arts magazine: N Studio.

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