Mar 22, 2019 – The Call

March Madness

Dear NEMAA Members

I hope you will forgive my tardiness in getting this month’s member newsletter out. As you can imagine, NEMAA is in the midst of its busiest time of year. Not Art-A-Whirl (though that is a close second), but the preparation for Art-A-Whirl: the exporting, compiling of data, fact-checking, ad contract closing, artwork collecting, question answering, email slinging, proposal offering, and other-duties-as-assigned melee that is March. I’d like to give a special shout out to NEMAA member artist Allison Ruby for (wo)manning the voicemail and answering general email questions. Allison, you are my admin superhero.

I have two pieces of good news to share today. One is that the Art-A-Whirl Trolleys are happening! Due to generous funding from Ballard Spahr, LLP, the three Art-A-Whirl trolleys with stop signage will again be part of this year’s Art-A-Whirl.

The other is that I was able to cut a check this month closing NEMAA’s largest outstanding payable. We are not out of the woods, but it feels pretty good to cross that one off the list.

And Art-A-Whirl is less than two months away! The Art-A-Whirl® (Official) Facebook event is live, so start sharing and invite your followers!

There are three Art-A-Whirl social media workshop sessions coming up for those of you who wish to benefit from the social media expertise of NEMAA artist Alison Price; you can sign up for one of the three here. Please bring a laptop and all your log-in info with you (posting on phones and ipads is not ideal for this tutorial).

Art-A-Whirl® Trademark usage

As we head into the spring ramp-up to Art-A-Whirl, remember correct usage. If you want to deep-dive, here is the link to the Art-A-Whirl trademark Guidelines Dos and Don’ts. TL;DR (too long; didn’t read): Use the wording “(your event) during Art-A-Whirl®” to describe your particular event. Spell it right and use the trademark ® in your titles.

Also, we will be sending out a pdf draft of the Art-A-Whirl Directory for proofing soon, so be on the lookout!


Anna Becker
Interim Executive Director

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