How to Navigate the Northrup King Building

Art-A-Whirl at the Northrup King Building
by Susan Fryer Voigt, Dock 5

The Northrup King Building (NKB) houses over 250 artists with studios that cover eight city blocks on four floors!! There will be many opportunities to enter the $500 Art Bucks drawing to spend at NKB artists’ studios. The drawing takes place at the end of the event and you don’t have to be present to win. Here are some tips to help you navigate the building:

Pre-Plan Your Visit:

  • Visit the NKB website in advance and click on “Artists” for a list of artists sorted alphabetically or by artwork medium. At the bottom of the website pages, there is a link to the “Visitors Packet” that includes a printable directory of building tenants, as well as a map to each floor of the building.
  • Browse NEMAA’s online Artist Directory, and set the studio building filter to the Northrup King Building, which will result in a listing of artists within the NKB. Click on their profile to view their artwork image, website link, and studio number.
  • Reference NEMAA’s beautiful Artist Directory & Guide. NKB is on the Art-A-Whirl map (J8).

No Time or Desire to Pre-Plan:

  • The main entrance to the NKB is at 1500 Jackson St. NE. You will find a printed building guide with artists listed by medium, for instance: clay, fiber, glass, jewelry, metals and painting. Additionally, pick up a printed building map so you’ll always know where you are. There are numerous staircases and a modern passenger elevator for your convenience.
  • You can start on any floor – some start at the top and work their way down, while others will start at the bottom and go up. Or, visit your favorite artist and decide from there.
  • Most artists will have images in the hallway near their studio and have their doors open so you can see what they offer. That might assist you in deciding which studios to visit.
  • It’s a good idea to bring along a small carry bag for cards and information from the artists, building info or map, and/or the Artist Directory. Comfortable shoes are a must! If you need a break, there will be food trucks available Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, and the NKB Sculpture Park is a delightful place to rest for a few minutes.
  • Please take time to visit NEMAA’s Art-A-Whirl Silent Auction Fundraiser in the Third Floor Art Gallery (#332). Over 120 pieces of artwork are up for bid, and proceeds support Art-A-Whirl and NEMAA’s mission of sustaining a vibrant art community.

Enjoy your visit! The artists at the NKB welcome you!!

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