Jul 6, 2018 – The Call

Hotter Than July

One of my favorite albums from my youth was Stevie Wonder’s Hotter Than July, and though it is not as well known as some of his other great albums, it has some wonderful ballads like Lately or my all time favorite Rocket Love, and funky jams like I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It, Do I Do, and Master Blaster. And then of course there is the Happy Birthday version that Black folks sing to each other in celebration of one more year around the sun, a song Stevie Wonder dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr as he was campaigning against the forces of White Supremacy to make MLK’s birthday a national holiday. My love for this album is deep and it grows deeper with every passing year as it was one of the early albums that taught me that creating music/art was a means of fighting for what one believes in.

It has been already been hotter than July this summer, we’ve had multiple 90 degree days and have even reached triple digits. Who knows what we are in for the rest of July. What I do know is that there is nothing better on a hot day in July than a glass of cool, fresh water and the staff at NEMAA will have plenty of access to that at our new location. As of July 1st, NEMAA’s offices are located at Water Bar on Central Avenue. We have been building this partnership for quite some time and look forward to continuing to build programming together and making use of this beautiful space.

This new space allows NEMAA to be more visible in the community, to host classes and workshops in a central location, to curate a couple of shows a year and be a resource on walkable Central Avenue. We are planning on hosting an open house later this summer so please watch your emails for that date. Until then if you are walking down Central Avenue, heading to Holy Land, Central Avenue Liquors, Fair State or the Coop, stop in and say hello!

Enjoy your life in the sunshine!

Dameun Strange
NEMAA Executive Director

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