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Sunday, January 1Tuesday, January 31


Lens Prose Gallery Studio, 133
1500 Jackson St NE Studio 133
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Map & Directions

Lens Prose Gallery Studio is proud to present William Drew, our Guest Artist of the Month for January 2023!  We continue to showcase artists on upper floors of the Northrup King Building.

William’s goal, when presenting an image, is to invite the viewer into a moment in time that has touched him emotionally. Sometimes it’s gorgeous light, other times it’s the feeling he gets when casting his eyes upon it. William’s images provoke feelings of love, of beauty, of wonder at how anything could be this magnificent!

“I fully utilize all of the tools available to me: camera, current photo editing software, and of course a large high definition computer monitor to view progress. I am an artist in every sense of the word. As a painter would use reference photos, I use RAW images directly from the camera. And, just as a painter ads and subtracts with paint and a brush, I add and subtract with software editing tools. Maybe natural highlights need to be brought down, maybe light needs to be added to the shadows. For that, I make no apologies. The editing process allows me to convey the emotions that a moment invoked in me, in a way that an unedited, RAW image simply cannot.”

Come see William’s select works at Lens Prose Gallery Studio 133 during January.  You can then discover more of his work in studio 425 of NKB and on his website:

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