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Angel Bomb announces the launch of its sixth book; a limited edition printing of Who Goes There?

This classic tale of terror and paranoia was first published in the August 1938 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. Written by John W. Campbell and published under the pen name Don A. Stuart; the story is about a group of scientists at an Antarctic outpost who discover a magnetic anomaly and investigate. They discover a spaceship, buried in the ice for millennia as well as an unfortunate passenger that crawled free and froze. The scientists bring the body back for examination and then the horror begins.

A film adaptation made popular by John Carpenter in 1982 titled The Thing brought this story to a new generation. It’s an amazing tale of a shapeshifting alien creature and humans under pressure to eradicate it before it subsumes them all and spreads to the rest of mankind.

The film version frightened me to no end when I first discovered it as a young kid and it’s been a favorite movie ever since. I’ve long desired to create a beautiful edition of this story and now it’s coming to fruition. My heavily illustrated and lovingly crafted version will launch on Kickstarter October 2021.

Come see the two versions of this hand-crafted edition and place an order for your very own copy!

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