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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 9:00pm


Private Residence
231 5th Ave N
Hopkins, MN
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Ember Murray
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Ember Murray’s solo exhibition, Transformation, embraces the nuances and complexities of human emotion and experience. This, combined with Murray’s use of large canvas (some over eleven feet wide), lays an engaging and immersive narrative that turns the tables on the viewer, making one both audience and subject.

Murray’s work is an exploration of identity, investigating who we are and how we got here by taking a critical look at the ideologies we’ve been taught from our youth and it’s evolution through adulthood; the traumas we endure and the honesty required to face all of one’s nature.

In a neo-expressionist style, each work is its own narrative grappling with a specific moment of one’s personal journey and the tension between oneself and their cultural experience.

Using a variety of mediums, layers, body imprinting, marks, and deconstruction Ember is able to share the stories behind what is otherwise a private and often unnavigated quest into personhood.

Transformation is Ember Murray’s visual autobiography. Through the use of eleven large works, and two sculptures each representing a different chapter of self discovery in her life, viewers will have the opportunity to join in asking the questions, “Who am I?” “what does it mean?” “Who decides?” and “Who can I become?

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