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Thursday, January 1


Solar Arts Building
Solar Arts Building
Northeast 15th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
Map & Directions

The I.C.O.N/TODAY, I’m Alright healing workshop invites all experiencing trauma to join the counselor (Sandra Reardon)/art teacher (Barbara Bridges)  /survivor team ( Bianca Dawkins) for 2 hours of resource sharing, art-making, conversation and importantly – identifying strategies for change.

.The “I.C.O.N” domestic violence and the “TODAY, I’m Alright Healing” projects partner to serve the well-being of trauma victims and by extension-their families and their communities.  This experience ripples out and cross connects people who need support.

Your trauma is not terminal.   You are not broken.
You can create your own life raft of hope and resilience with practical strategies.

All the participants will be paid $50.00 to attend the healing session, provided with an I.C.O.N. bag, and T-Shirt, A TODAY I’m Alright T-Shirt, a healing object from the cabinet and an artwork they create.  Childcare Available. Please indicate age of children.  They will be making art!

Post  to register with name and phone number.

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