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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Dame Errant
Dame Errant
North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN
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In this workshop we will be making an alter tablet for your tarot deck. Working with a slab of clay we will have the opportunity to carve and shape our tablet. As always in our clay classes, we encourage people to take their clay project in whatever direction they like with the materials provided.

Foundations of Tarot – Release the Suspicion, Doubt & Fear

Move from fear to friendship in this first of four workshop classes built for you to feel more comfortable and take your Tarot knowledge to the next level.

Tarot reaches you to trust yourself. It’s no more complex or scary than that: it provides your inner wisdom and a voice. The cards tell you a loving story through images of what you already know, deep in your heart. What to develop, what to love more, what to nourish, what to pay more attention to. The cards allow you to look at that old story, release the pain, and allow the new story in. Trust yourself, because you are whole and perfect as you are right now. You are the medicine and the magic.

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