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Saturday, January 15Tuesday, March 15


Susan Hensel Gallery
3441 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55407
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Ingrid Restemayer returns to Susan Hensel Gallery with a new fiber art series titled Talk to Me. These pieces continue the strong compositions and driving aesthetic focus of the artist’s oeuvre, developing the threads she has woven so far while introducing a new set of idioms. Using hand made paper, printmaking and embroidery, Restemayer gives us a quiet, contemplative view of the ways humanity communicates with itself.

Talk to Me elucidates and confounds, borrowing from forms of communication to direct our attention to the mind’s activity and the meanings behind the utterance. She has produced a series of signs that speak to us directly, but deliver another message that passes under the running boards of normal text, normal chatter. They are symbols that, when we take time with them, open to reveal something all-too fragile inside: every human’s struggle to be understood.

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