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Thursday, January 1
12:00pm - 6:00pm


Loring Park
1382 Willow St
Minneapolis, MN 55403
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Liban Kano
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Call 651-703-7981

In a year of reconnection following an extensive period of isolation, Strangers Meeting Strangers (SMS) steps to the forefront of a movement towards deeper, genuine communication. Introducing “Talk to Me Day”, an innovative event set to transform Loring Park into a hub of human connection on Saturday, 23 September 2023, from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

This isn’t just another event on your calendar; it’s a proof of concept. Can we come together post-pandemic, not just in proximity but in true spirit and understanding? Can we bring depth back into our dialogues and truly hear one another?

Visitors arriving at the park will be handed a “Talk to Me” sticker, a symbol of openness, signaling their willingness to engage in spontaneous, genuine conversation. It’s not just a decal—it’s a declaration, a statement of purpose and intent to be part of this unique community experiment.

Throughout the day, a diverse schedule of live events and group gatherings will unfold, all hosted and facilitated by community members. The aim is not to guide conversations but to spark them, not to provide answers but to encourage questions.

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