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Saturday, March 26Saturday, May 7
12:00pm - 4:00pm


Kolman & Reeb Gallery, #395 Northrup King Building
Northrup King Building
Jackson Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN
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Anita Sue Kolman
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Betsy Ruth Byers’, new exhibition “Scaffold” is a multi-sensory, multi-media manifestation of Byers’ alpine and equatorial glacial experiences and the global realities related to climate change. The work within Scaffold is visually anchored in the aesthetic of survival gear—colors like bright orange and reflective metallics—and the language of temporary solutions and adaptations.

Elements include a survival tent, a soundscape created from heartbeats heard via a digital stethoscope, paintings, and an olfactory piece. Byers says. “In this exhibition, through which I’ve been processing my experiences, I hope to create contemplative, sensory spaces people can step into and come to an embodied understanding of what’s happening in our world.”


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