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Thursday, January 1
7:00pm - 11:00pm


Modus Locus Expansion
3338 University Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Otherworldly Arts Collective
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JP: Call 612-670-6645

Presented by: The Otherworldly Arts Collective


An event focused on creating a safe environment for erotic artistic experimentation, performative sexual expression,
honest but responsible conversations, and overall body positivity. All attendees will be observers, only. Engagement
with the entertainment is only allowed where specific consent is expressed. All the subject matter presented will require tolerance and respect of the unfamiliar for artists and attendees alike to learn and grow beyond our society’s mundane objectivism. SafeWord observers will be treated to two series of performances each night put on by Queer Circus, along with a gallery of sensual and suggestive artworks from local and national artists. Admittance is limited with only 300 tickets per night available; the sooner a ticket is purchased, the more affordable it will be. While this is a private event, privacy is not guaranteed as we are not willing to hide the existence of this event.

This is a designated Safe Zone! Touching of the performers or guests without a specific invitation will lead to your immediate dismissal from the premises. No refunds will be given.

*The following disclaimer is designed to inform show attendees, volunteers, and artists about the nature of all artwork in the SafeWord show. All artists, attendees, and volunteers should be aware that the intention of this show is not to offend, but entry to SafeWord implies consent to view sexually explicit works of art – both visual and performance in nature, and attendance is voluntary. We encourage all artists, attendees, and volunteers to approach the artwork with an open mind, respect for the artists’ intentions and tolerance for artistic expression; but all are free to leave the show at any time should they find the content uncomfortable or offensive.*

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