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Saturday, March 12Tuesday, April 26
12:00pm - 4:00pm


On2gallery (2nd Floor)
2205 California Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Space Out

March 12th – April 26th

Reception + Meet the Artists – March 12th 12pm -4pm during Second Saturday Open Studios 

Hilary Greenstein and Madison Rubenstein invite you to “Space Out.” 

This pair of painters have been friends, occasional studio-mates, and co-conspirators in painting ever since blasting out MCAD together and landing in the California Building winter of 2013. While they have exhibited together in group shows in Minnesota and Colorado, they are pleased to announce their first two-person exhibition together. This collaboratively-curated exhibition explores visual space, bodily space, negative space, and psychological space. We are all spaced out: social distancing, dissociating, daydreaming radically different future realities. Painting is the best way we know how to space out, float away, to suspend disbelief and open up possibilities, while inviting viewers to do the same. The work we have selected embraces an intimate and spaced-out humanism, where figures and bodily forms are suspended, ungrounded in voids of color and emptiness, safely tethered in midair . Figures become fragmented, fractured, unfinished, or are reduced to lumpy flesh-like blobs, weighty and radiant. Floating in space, subjects become astral bodies with their own gravity and source of light.

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