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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 7:00pm






Kelly Frankenberg
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Plein air means open air; painting outside, and painting on location. Everyone paints differently. Each master will tell you what works for them, some of those techniques even contradict each other. It’s up to you to figure out what works best for you. Kelly will share the secrets and takeaways she learned from the Plein air convention and how you can sharpen your skills as a plein air painter and observation painter. New to plein air painting? Learn what it is and see if it’s something you might enjoy doing.

What you will need for this class: sketchbook or notebook, pencil/pen, colored pencils, watercolor, paint optional

Instructor: Kelly Frankenberg

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More Details From Kelly Frankenberg

As those from cold climates, winter tends to keep us inside, which gives us some cabin fever, especially in January. Art To Change The World wants to relieve that! Barbara asked me to create a fun line-up that had a fun variety.

We will have a workshop every week from January through the end of March. Most are led by ACW members and the rest by some awesome guests I hand-selected. We have authors, comedians, artists, and a yoga instructor. We will have discussions, demos, workshops, and some entertainment! You may even learn a thing or two, from selling your work online to secrets of the plein air painters.


Don’t forget to email and tell me which classes you want to take to get the zoom link sent to your email! Class codes are on the project page link below. If you want all just say ALL!

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