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Friday, May 19Sunday, May 21


The Northrup King Building, #332
Northrup King Building
Jackson Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN
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Even in an age of climate change, there is dirt. Deeply troubled by the paralyzing climate anxiety experienced by her friends’ grandson, artist Peggy Thompson envisioned an artistic and creative experience celebrating the earth and pointing to the hope that is possible when humans recognize their interdependence, connection and relationship to the more-than-human world. There is hope in dirt.

of the earth is a rich, multi-sensory experience exploring and developing connection and relationship to the more-than-human world. Gathering artists and craftspeople of all media and expression, of the earth includes visual imagery, written and spoken word, song, frank discussion, traditional craft, and hands-on opportunities for children and adults to connect with the earth. Hope in an age of climate change is in the dirt.

As Tim Burkett says, “Humility is realizing in a visceral way that we are not separate from anything else.  It allows us to sink down into the rich soil, all the way to the bottom.” From this humility, hope can grow. And from this idea, the “of the earth” exhibit was born.

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