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Thursday, January 1


North Suburban Center for the Arts
110 77th Way Northeast
Fridley, MN
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Abby Kosberg
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NSCA Office: Call 763-574-1850

Once a month, the NSCA invites local musicians into our galleries for a free concert!

In October, we’ll be featuring Bev, an indie pop/rock artist who has been making albums and playing shows in the Twin Cities since 2010. Previously performing under the name Niki Becker, she changed her name in honor of her deceased mother and began performing under the name Bev. Bev’s songs shift from moody darkness to 90s era indie rock via swirling guitars, engaging rhythms, intricate harmonies, and introspective lyrics. She has released two albums, Static Elastic (September 2018) and Crusher (May 2021).

People are invited to come as they are, enjoy food (in October we’ll be featuring artist designed pancakes), work on a music related art activity, and listen to music! All ages  and walks of life are welcome; NSCA concerts are always free.

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