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Thursday, January 1
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Technicolor daydreamers fabricate neon nightmares in this fully immersive experience at Artspace Jackson Flats. Neon Nightmares highlights 10 visual artists in a dazzling spectrum of colors with works that will tickle vibrations in attendees eyes and in their bodies on the dance floor. The freaky fluorescent fictions will be displayed in a traditional gallery setting and then come alive midway through the exhibition once the lights turn down and the art turns up with blacklights creating both a utopian and dystopian versions of visions. As this visual duality is revealed, SYM1 will perform an electro-dance experience, providing a vivid pulse throughout the night.
Featuring Art By:
Benja Wuest
Tanner Palmer
Renee Kathryn
Reggie Leflore
Andre Schumacher
Tamia Stevenson
Brian Skalak
Anna Hoover
Kristina Bratsch
LuLu Thompson
Anton Horishnyk
Erik Andersen
Matt Baehr
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