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Gamut Gallery
Gamut Gallery
South 10th Street, Minneapolis, MN
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Cassie Garner
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MINNEAPOLIS // April 1 – April 29th, 2023 

Neon Flux – A multimedia exhibit exploring minimalism and movement, featuring Merick Reed, S. Catrin Magnusson, Tiffany Lange. Curated by Cass Garner.

Catrin Magnusson’s sculptural forms draw on the iconography of geology as a starting place. As the earth’s tectonic forces separate and compact, it creates stress and pressure to move. While the work appears abstract, it has a specific reference to the physical world. Catrin emigrated from Sweden when she was young and became intensely aware of movement and displacement. She finds herself drawn to the quiet remnants of violent movement and the creation of a landscape from what is left behind, connecting deep time and macro processes to a personal timeline.

Merick Reed keeps his practice innovative by working across multiple mediums of photography, painting and sculpture, and furniture design, Neon Flux will be the first time all of his multifaceted pieces will be on exhibit together. Also debuting will be Merick Reed’s collaboration with furniture designer George Mahoney, Associate Professor at MCAD, their new Side Tables that blur the line between function and sculpture. 

Tiffany Lange’s Pink Solitude installation and her latest series of abstract paintings create parallels between being raised in the digital age and our consumption of technology. Navigating through a world of online static, Lange’s work echoes the pleasures that we receive from our screens through the use of vibrant neons and bold disruptive mark-making but also mimics the overstimulation she experiences from her glowing devices.

Neon Flux playfully nods at minimalism with the use of black and white, and simple structures, while incorporating pops of neon color. Accent hues and bold patterns engage the viewers’ subtle sense of movement, despite the static nature of the artwork. Together these mediums represent the push and pull against each other, portraying the constant movement underfoot unseen by our natural eye.

Saturday, April 1st • 6-9pm
$10 presale, $13 day of the event, Free for Gamut Gallery Members

Private Guy will set the mood through his music selections on opening night.


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