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Thursday, September 23Saturday, October 23


Hopkins Center for the Arts
1111 Mainstreet
Hopkins, MN 55343
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‘Nature is beautiful, awe inspiring, powerful, serene. It can be described in many ways. Artists have interpreted nature in their art for centuries. It can’t be improved upon. However, visual artists can utilize it with their own vision and artistic freedom. We are three artists inspired by nature, each transforming it as we create art…’

Dona Kos feels a painter can capture the powerful healing energy of nature with brushes and canvas. The energy of trees and water, wind and breezes whether in an abstract or an impression can be a source of transformation for those who view our paintings.

Brenda Litman, strongly influenced by nature, references it in abstract thread tying the work of three artists together: paintings with the gestural stroke she considers a natural means of human expression. The forces of nature surround our journey. We are part of nature, her seasons and cycles, her interdependent plan. She considers us blossoms in nature’s garden, wending our way along the pathway of life.

Joan Porter-Einsman Utilizes symbols of nature as metaphors for life itself, a tree for example is all life. It is survival and strength. Its branches reach out. Its roots are as large as the tree itself and communicates using them. Water is needed for life universally. A fish in my art means food for body and soul. A fox is a universal symbol for animal intuition and survival.

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