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NE Sculpture Gallery Factory
NE Sculpture Gallery Factory
Northeast Madison Street, Minneapolis, MN
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John Hock
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PAINTALLICA, the avant-garde art collective renowned for pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, is set to enchant audiences with their latest exhibition, “Make Believe in Yourself.” 

“Make Believe in Yourself” invites art enthusiasts to embark on a transformative odyssey through a collection of spellbinding artworks. PAINTALLICA’s artists, known for their innovative fusion of mediums and styles, have crafted a tapestry of creativity that encourages viewers to explore the magical interplay between belief, fantasy, and self-empowerment. Participating artists include:

Jesse Albrecht, Josh Anderson, Gordon Barnes, Jamie Boling, Sean Chandler, Shelby Davis, Josh Doster, Robert “bad bob” Hyde, Jay Schmidt, Bruce Tapola , Justin Quinn, Edson Rosas, Phillip Thomas, Corey Urlacher, & John (Dizmal) Warren



PAINTALLICA is a dynamic art collective that transcends traditional boundaries, weaving together diverse artistic perspectives to create immersive visual experiences. Known for their innovation and commitment to pushing artistic frontiers, Paintallia invites audiences to explore the intersection of belief, fantasy, and self-discovery.


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