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Thursday, January 1


PF Upstairs Gallery 247
Public Functionary
Jackson Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN
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New Work by Patricio De Lara

Headbomb wanders between the paradoxical states of joy and fear, probing into a spectrum of fractured understanding and connection. Patricio De Lara employs distraction as an intentional artistic process to create aesthetically diverse paintings and drawings. His process encourages play across visual styles and mental meandering, trusting a puzzle piece will emerge from each pivot of neglected attention. This results in Post-it note drawings, canvases 6 feet tall, scratchy stream of consciousness drawings, narrative oil paintings, and portraits on dumpster cardboard.

The work draws from various source material, both personal and communal: YouTube comments, familial folklore, overheard phone calls, discarded thoughts, found photos, and memories. De Lara is intrigued by context switching and the ‘simulacrum’, something which replaces reality with its own false representation. Headbomb confronts our relationship with images that mold our perception and prompt us to probe into the absurd world around us.


Gallery Hours: Thurs – Sat 12pm-6pm

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