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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Dame Errant
Dame Errant
North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN
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Join us for a one-of-a-kind workshop that combines the art of crafting beautiful beeswax-tapered candles with the creation of a unique ceramic candlestick holder.

This immersive two-part experience promises to ignite your creativity and leave you with both functional and artistic treasures.

Perfect for those seeking creativity, tranquility, or a unique DIY experience, this workshop offers an intimate opportunity to delve into the world of beeswax candle making and clay crafting, all guided by Sara’s expertise.

Whether you’re drawn to the soothing art of working with clay or the mesmerizing process of beeswax candle creation, this workshop provides a dual pathway for your creative journey. Secure your spot now to kindle your own creative flame and shape both clay and beeswax into beautiful works of art!
Visit the website to explore more details about the 2 part process or sign up and join us on this creative adventure!

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