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Thursday, January 1
10:30am - 12:30pm


Wet Paint
1684 Grand Ave
Saint Paul, MN
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Multi-Session Class

taught by Jinjer Markley

Class meets Tuesdays, April 19 ,May 3 +17 from 10:30-12:30pm



Level: Beginner- no experience necessary

Freehand Drawing means drawing from life without any pencil sketches underneath. Blank pages are scary in a delicious way, watching images appear from nothing is thrilling, and the rhythm of observing and making marks is centering. In this class, you will learn to tap into this meditative experience by learning to look, training your hands and drawing simple objects and figures. This class is just right if you are a beginning drawer, or if you want to loosen up your drawing style.

Series One: Line Drawing

In this series, we will focus on drawing freehand line art. We will train our eyes to find lines, accurately recognize curves, analyze proportion, and notice negative space. We will also learn fun, meditative exercises to train our hands to control curved and straight lines. We will ease into drawing objects, starting with tracing, and move up to simple freehand.

April 19- class #1: Lines and Curves

May 3 – class #2: Proportions

May 17- class #3: Negative Space and Reading Between the Lines.

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