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Thursday, January 1


Dame Errant
1729 N 2nd St Minneapolis
MN 55411
Map & Directions

Join us for a Fall Market to celebrate the magic of the season as we shift towards cozy times. This market brings you artifacts to honor yourself and support in creating ritual with your connection to the divine.
We hope you can join us!

Ceramics by Tara Block and Liminal Pottery contain functional ware to bring warmth to your dinners and teatimes, as well as some decorative and ritual artifacts. Dame Errant will be hosting a clay activity for you to create your own artifact.

Marissa Martinez creates hand-crafted adornments that honor your courageous Spirit and Sacred Energy.

Jenna of Lighthorse Studios, an energy healer and personal stylist, brings you a selection of vintage wears to honor your witchy spirit.

The magic of smelling the sweet burn of beeswax from local summer bees through the winter brings joy and warmth from Slow Burns hand-poured beeswax candles.

Azahar Aguilar, Astrologer, Curandera, Mexican Healing Guide will be offering Tarot readings to bring you insight.

Corrie of Wulfhelm brings your magical paintings full of the energy and mysticism of the North Woods and creatures wide and far.

Live ethereal music by Mercury Symphony will be serenading your ears, we will offer sips of Golden Chai by Botanical Lucidity, and host to a clay activity for you to carve a message to yourself or a loved one.

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