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Friday, June 17Friday, September 2


Coffman Gallery - 2nd Floor
Coffman Memorial Union
300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Map & Directions

Shelley Beaumont will have her first solo show at the Coffman Memorial Union, 2nd floor gallery, on the University of Minnesota campus. Shelley is very excited to showcase 5 of her larger glass and gemstone works at the University of Minnesota.

Ethereal Glass explores and plays with light, reflection, and patterns through the mosaics of Shelley Beaumont. Looking back to early days of endless curiosity, she was drawn to the playfulness of light and the grounding of symmetry in nature. Inspired by the metaphysical, her art seeks to understand how energy, color, and healing can be imbued into art. She uses gemstones and natural minerals for their luster, beauty, dimension, and also for their energetic properties. Glass art, with its inherent complex patterns, depth, and reflective qualities, is mysteriously beautiful and intriguing.

Artist Bio

Shelley Beaumont is a mosaic artist with a passion to create art that explores and plays with light, reflection, and patterns. She often uses mirrors as a tool to create light and reflection underneath glass and gemstones as part of the structure. The layers create interesting areas for the eyes to rest when exploring a piece. Shelley particularly enjoys making decorative mirror frames as they provide the opportunity to explore reflection of one’s surface self and the deeper more interesting inner self. She becomes a conduit for an energy that wants to be expressed and allows the final design and pattern to emerge organically. She loves traveling both in the United States and internationally for educational opportunities and to attend gem and lapidary shows in search of materials.

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