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Thursday, January 1


Gamut Gallery
Gamut Gallery
South 10th Street, Minneapolis, MN
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Cass Garner
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We invite you to join us for an evening of conversation with Ubiquitous artist Emily Quandahl, and moderator Russ White of MPLSART. The vision of Ubiquitous (meaning, “present, appearing, found everywhere”) has transformed the gallery space into an ethereal sanctuary of textures and colors that Emily has created in an effort to find comfort in the changing seasons of her life, as well as her evolution as an artist. 

Emily’s process throws away preconceived notions of what her work should be and instead leans into what is – trusting her intuitive instinct to lead her in the direction necessary to express herself in the moment. The result is a body of work born out of trust, experimentation, and constant evolution throughout her practice.  Quandahls background in classical music reveals itself on the canvas; there is a melody of relationships in the movements. Instinctual marking and planned line-work absorbs and records the space and events in and around her. Emily has also lent a nod to domestic handicrafts regarded as women’s work, creating masterpieces that intertwine hand stitching into many of her paintings and has used found materials to create mosaic columns that sit front & center in the gallery.  

Ubiqitious is Emily Quandahl’s first gallery-represented solo show. Emily may be an emerging artist, her audience is largely local, but she also has a presence nationally and internationally, recently completing an artist residency in Lisbon, Portugal. Quandahl is an artist you definitely want to follow as her career grows. 

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