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Monday, October 3Sunday, October 30


Art Loft @ Boreal
2276 Como Ave
St Paul, MN
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Susan Warner
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CONFLUENCE, the art show; where four varied styles of art flow together into one exhibit.

The artists in CONFLUENCE approach their art from four different perspectives. Susan Warner’s pastel landscapes brings us the beauty she finds in the outdoors when traveling and hiking.  Zac Soubra uses paper, pen, and geometry to create eclectic, abstract pieces of art at his studio in the 2010 Art Blok. Mohammad Soubra’s oils and sculptures bring to life fanciful and surreal scenes that make the observer stop and ponder. Randa Soubra uses her inherent creativity to come up with phenomenal art.

Public are welcome visit the exhibition daily from October 3rd to 30th, 2022.


Gallery Hours: Mon-Thu 9:30-6,  Fri 9:30 – 7,  Sat 9:30 – 6,  Sun 10-4

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