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Thursday, January 1
2:00pm - 4:30pm


Virtual - ZOOM



VIRTUAL CLASS taught by Monica Fogg

Meets 2 Saturdays, April 15-22 from 2-4:30 pm CT via Zoom

Exercises in Color Chords & Color Strategies. How color alters composition.

In the same way that music chords present identifiable relationships, atmospheres, etc., Color Chords influence visual creations. In this two-part class, we will reference a color wheel to identify basic chords / harmonies. Hue relationships include such things as: Complement, Analogous, Warm, Cool, Frequency, and more. Simple exercises provide experiential learning. Pretty sure fun is involved, too.

All color media welcome. All experience levels welcome.



Brushes appropriate for media of choice.

Color media of choice: watercolor, watercolor pencils, color pencils, gouache, pastels, acrylic. (My demonstration pieces will be in gouache or watercolor.)

Sketchbook or sketch paper. I like Stillman & Birn Beta Wirebound Sketchbook 270gsm 9×12. The paper is responsive to multiple media.

Other paper specific to your media choice

Reference images will be supplied, but if you have your own, please have those handy.

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