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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 9:00pm


Artspace Jackson (Jac) Flats
Artspace; Jackson Flats is revealing a new look with a freshly painted mural on our gallery!
We are celebrating the public art completion with an art show exhibiting works by the artists who helped complete the mural and the residents who have studios within Jackson Flats. We hope to see you out here at our Gallery during NEMAA’s art crawl! (No studios open to the public)
Read on to hear more about public mural art!
Logan Park Neighborhood Association recently chose public art as a priority for our neighborhood and community, the Minneapolis Art District. LPNA invited local artists to create public murals that show a diverse understanding of what it is to be a part of our equally diverse community. Jess Zottola and Benja Wuest were selected to paint the mural on Artspace; Jackson Flats, an artist’s live/workspace, operates a community-run gallery for local art.
The inspiration comes from the booklet “Over the Years at Logan Park, a local publication about living in this neighborhood.
One particular quote that stood out from Mary Jane Partyka stated, “We came to think of Logan Park as our second home. Here is where we went to meet our friends, to enjoy the many activities that were being offered . PLAYING…SHARING…GROWING…RICH IN DREAMS.”
The artists that occupy the studios of Logan Park are using their widely creative imaginations to chase their dreams. Our mural shows this through playful geometric forms growing out of the mind of our figure. Caley Vickerman, who runs a community outreach organization called “Guerrilla Haiku Movement” and is a resident of Jackson Flats, re-invented Partyka’s quote into the above haiku to reflect what it means to be a part of this community.
We would like to sincerely thank NEMAA, Artspace, LPNA, and our point person for this project, Michelle, for the opportunity to give something beautiful back to the community where we get to dream and grow.
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