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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Dame Errant
Dame Errant
North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN
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When you lose touch with your inner child, you can also lose your sense of joy and wonder, leaving your world dull and gray.

By working on your relationship with your inner child, you can bring joy and color back in a deeply healing way. This is a fusion workshop where you will go on a magical meditation journey to meet your inner child and find an artifact to create out of clay to use as a key to building that relationship.

In this workshop, mystic, healer, and ceramic artist Tara Block will lead you in a meditation where you will find your artifact to create with your Inner Child and then guide you through its creation.

Seasoned healer and author Ora North will teach you some methods for fostering a connection with your Inner Child so you can continue your healing journeys with more joy.

All experience levels are welcome.

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