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Thursday, January 1
6:00pm - 7:30pm


Dame Errant
Dame Errant
North 2nd Street, Minneapolis, MN
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This is another one of our dynamic sculptural workshops.

Come make a ceramic chain sculpture!

We will demonstrate how to create a chain sculpture with 8 links, by rolling coils and connecting the links. These will be finished unglazed in order to remain fluid.

This amazing creation will look great hung on the wall, draped across your favorite coffee table or end table, or placed decoratively on a desk or a window sill.

An added bonus is that it makes the ultimate fidget toy.

Rogue Option:

-If you have a number that is important to you, you can choose to make that many links.
We would not recommend going higher than 12 with the amount of clay and time that will be provided.
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