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Saturday, September 23
7:00pm - 9:00pm


Kolman & Reeb Gallery
Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN
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Anita Kolman
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Call 612-385-4239

Meet Minnesota artist, Chris Rackley and step into his art during the artist reception for Kolman & Reeb Gallery’s Project Space grant exhibition, “Life As A Mall Brat.” Spending a large part of his youth at a shopping mall where his father managed a shoe store, Chris is a self-proclaimed mall “brat.”


Chris uses drawings, sculptures, and an interactive video to explore his memories of a shopping mall in Duluth, Georgia. Chris recreates miniature versions of architectural elements of the mall—a place he wandered every day for ten years in the 1980s. These recognizable facades and embellishments are presented at different scales relative to one another, emulating the way memory can be fragmented and accompanied by a longing to reconstruct significant moments from the past.

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