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Thursday, January 1


Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Price Krishnan Gallery
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Price Krishnan Gallery in the Northrup King Building is honored to host guest artist Jennifer Bend and her exhibit, Amalgamation this March. Colorful, vibrant, and tumbling with storytelling, this 22 painting exhibit is both engaging and thoughtful.
Bend shares:
“An amalgamation is the process of combining or uniting. I am calling this body of work an amalgamation because it is a merging of two ways of making art (weeks of daily devotion when painting in the studio full time vs. weeks of sporadic devotion when teaching full time) and two different mediums (oil and gouache).

When I paint scenes are captured – fixed imaginary moments. Each painting tells a story to me / with me as I am painting. I see the surface in which a work of art is created as an opaque stage in which I coax the characters, shapes, images out to be seen and heard sometimes independently of one another sometimes together.”

The exhibit opens First Thursday, March 7, 5 – 9pm.

Artist Reception is during Northrup King Nights, March 23, 5 – 9pm. Jennifer Bend will be present from 5 – 7pm, and is looking forward to seeing everyone!

Image: Jennifer Bend’s Pythia  gouache on paper – detail image

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