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Virtual Mn Artists Presents: Alison Bergblom Johnson

This fall, the popular program Mn Artists Presents is going virtual! Minnesota-based multidisciplinary artist Alison Bergblom Johnson leads an evening of online events that investigate ways to leave behind stigma and discrimination that is attached to bodies experiencing disability, both invisibly and visibly. What happens when artists with disabilities find support within the mainstream? How do artists with disabilities avoid being mere tokens or separated from communities rooted in disability? Bergblom Johnson invites Minnesota artists with disabilities to dream what access could be.

All are welcome for a program that includes special livestreamed performances, an accessible networking event for artists with disabilities, and films. Connect with local artists of all disciplines and engage with the questions driving the MN arts community.


Guest curator Alison Bergblom Johnson (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist; through collage, creative nonfiction, and solo performance she engages with meanings and experience of gender, trauma, value, and worth. She has performed at Strike Theater and Patrick’s Cabaret, among others. She is on the COMPAS Teaching Artist roster and is an Artist Career Consultant for Springboard for the Arts.

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