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Unloved Creatures 2020

Announcing Unloved Creatures 2020!
Please join us for a very special Valentines Day Exhibit on Friday, February 14th from 7 – 11pm!

Unloved Creatures 2020 is a mutation of the wildly successful 2019 show at Rogue Buddha Gallery. Eli Libson, Alex Kuno, Heather Renaux, and John Sauer are back AND the creativity and energy are doubled with four more artists added to the mix; Angel Hawari, DC Ice, Kao Lee Thao & Jessie McNally!

This extremely varied group of artists will thrill you with their rich and stunning worlds. Experience many different realms, from campy to creepy, sultry to sweet. Human or monster? Sometimes the lines blur, but one thing is for sure: You will love this show!

There is no better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day than at Rogue Buddha Gallery for this very un-Valentine’s Show.

More About the Artists…

DC Ice
Art is an outlet for me because it is a safe place to store honest feelings. Because of this my illustrative characters often carry grief. In other paintings, blessings and joy bleed out of the frame. Pastel colors may mask suspicious character’s twisted thoughts or harsh scratchy line quality can outline innocent animal friends. It’s a mischievous battle between grisly critters and sweet furry folk.

Kao Lee Thao
Allow me to tap into your subconscious and release your Inner Swirl as a painting. I’m Kao Lee Thao a visual artist and 3d animator. I paint to unlock inspiration and transport viewers to a world of fantasy, reminding us not to forget what imagination can accomplish in life. I challenge you to let go and explore…

Heather Renaux
I work to impart a sense of magic in my visual storytelling, a blend of edginess and whimsy. Capturing a feeling in my paintings is important to me. To capture a feeling and a story is my ultimate goal, the thing I am always working toward. Combining these two elements, narrative and emotion, I hope to pull viewers into a painting where they enjoy spending some time. Making this connection with my audience is how I experience purpose in my life.

Jessie McNally
Jessie McNally is an Australian born, Minnesota raised artist who recently relocated to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Jessie’s work is heavily influenced by her travels and her 15 year career as a tattoo artist. Her move to the mountains is a life change with the focus being on her career as a visual artist outside the realm of tattooing. Jessie’s recent paintings are full of bold imagery and are abundant with pattern and color.

Angel Hawari
Angel Hawari’s luminous acrylic paintings feature a host of characters set in intricate environments reminiscent of staged theatrical scenes. Glowing light, lush color palettes, and adorably awkward creatures make her art a feast for the eyes.

Eli Libson
I am a CG artist with over 20 years of experience in the video game industry, painter, sculptor, horrible writer yet the best storyteller, and among all a kid at heart. My art is born from my love of cartoons and fantasy movies, and my purpose hasn’t changed since age 4, and that is to take you on a magical ride by creating unique and beautiful worlds. My belief is that art should create its own story and hopefully engage your personal creativity. In this show I am experimenting with classic creatures that are portrayed as unloved in cinema; but loved by me. Thanks for strolling in my imagination for a bit.

John Sauer
John Sauer thinks of his work as a visual mix tape, with each painting part of a larger story. His goal is to connect with people and share a slightly wobbly view of the world using a wide variety of themes and interests, both highbrow and lowbrow, often with a little humor and a bit of pathos added.

Rogue Buddha Gallery
NE Mpls.

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