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Susan Feigenbaum at the Northern Clay Center

Opening reception: Friday, January 12, 6 – 8 pm
Artist presentations: Friday January 12, 4 pm

Four Jerome Artists features the work of the 2017 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant recipients: Susan Feigenbaum, Autumn Higgins, and Lisa Truax; as well as the 2016 Jerome Ceramic Artist of Color Residency recipient, Ellie Bryan. Feigenbaum, Higgins, and Truax have spent the past 8+ months pursuing a unique project, the results of which will be featured in the exhibition. Bryan was a resident artist in the NCC studios between August 2016 and December 2017, where she focused on developing her body of work and more clearly defining her professional goals.

Susan Feigenbaum’s sculpture evokes mystery and ambiguity through biomorphic forms that straddle the boundaries between the human, the animal, and the imagined. Her intent is to connect the world of our subconscious with the world of everyday perceptions and reality. She uses opposing colors and surfaces to confront each other and lure viewers to look more closely. She is teasing you into a forbidden touch of the object upon the pedestal. Feigenbaum says, “I create ceramic sculpture. By suggesting a presence beyond ourselves—and the private world within each of us—my intent is to communicate a sense of innocence and unease at once.”

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