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MANUAL TRANSMISSION is back for its fourth summer of monthly exhibition events.
This year’s First Gear show features two young artists working with, through, and beyond women as subject and construct. Hilary Greenstein’s female figures appear simultaneously anachronistic and timeless. Recontextualized into simplified, abstracted environments, clear narratives fall away, moving closer to the realm of fevered dream. Tiffany Lange removes women as subject altogether, instead reflecting on and reimagining traditional gender constructs as she manipulates two dimensional canvas into three. As traditional women’s sewing and crafting techniques play within a backdrop of colors and patterns of 90s pop culture, Lange’s wholly contemporary, sculptural paintings capture the ambiguity and empowerment of what it means to be a young woman in today’s world.

Opening Party!

7-10 pm

Show runs through June 16.

MANUAL TRANSMISSION is Red Garage Studio’s summertime series of monthly exhibitions and participatory events. Curated by Allison Ruby, each show features guest artists showing new work in the garage and gardens. The idea of these shows is not to simply exhibit work, but to use art as a catalyst for conversation and community connection. Opening night means a relaxed party in the garden with seasonal food, music, and new friends, and may include additional activities such as performance, multimedia, or experiential elements.

For full details, including open hours and location, go to www.redgaragestudio.com

Featured NEMAA Member

Hilary Greenstein

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