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Exhibit Opening “One in the Land”

Heather Friedli is best known for her contemporary impressionist oil paintings, depicting her family heritage and the land in which she lives. Bold brush strokes and brilliant colors light up scenes of cloudscapes, water, trees and native plants. Many pieces are created in the context of her wilderness adventures; she often brings her paints outdoors to create work that shares with the viewer her experience of immersion in the landscape. Within these colorful works, Heather experiences the spiritual world through the lens of culture and lived experience of place. Heather’s work is creative, soulful, bold and powerful.


Friedli’s show “One in the Land” is an effort to synthesize her love and experience in the natural world, and wilderness adventure travel. Those experiences,  being out in the world seeing the beauty and power of nature are represented in both large and small scale paintings. She paints with passion for the land, looking around and internalizing the colors and expressing them onto canvas. Her work is not only an expression of what she sees, but also becomes a physical dance with her painting. The movement and rhythm in these works are her own unique experience with the land around her.



November 9, 2019 – January 4, 2020


*FREE ADMISSION along with food and beverage

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